Postcards from East London team:

Concept and Artistic Direction: Jo Parkes (MobileDance)
Project manager: Emma Kerr
Production assistant: Franqui Radford Mathurin
Project assistant/Runner: Kate Lewers
Logo design: Lieselotte Wertenbruch
Graphics animation: Lewis Gourlay, Cagoule Productions
Photographer: Rachel Cherry

Artistic teams:

Smithy Street Primary School

Choreographer: Sara Gordon
Filmmaker: Jevan Chowdhury
Composer: Dental Records
Assistant Dance Artists: Ed Stephen and Robia Milliner Brown

Green Candle Senior Dancers and Newark Youth London

Choreographer: Rosie Whitney-Fish
Filmmaker: Rachel Davies
Composer: danbeats
Green Candle Dance Company Artistic Director: Fergus Early

Central Foundation Girls School

Choreographer: Alesandra Seutin
Filmmaker: Anton Califano
Composer: danbeats
Assistant Dance Artists: Robia Milliner Brown and Franqui Radford Mathurin